What is the best Scrollsaw?

Today’s generation doesn’t depend on vendors to complete household works. One of those household tools is a scroll saw which is an electric tool with sharp blade, useful to work with thin wood, freehand cutting of intricate small radius curves. But thorough research is required before buying these long lasting and costly items as various options are available from variable-speeds models to different throat capacities and Parallel arm type to C-arm type.

Dewalt DW788 scroll saw is the perfect choice out of the over 50 models available in the market. It is excellent for new businesses and for hobbyists for their practical experiments. Its design is accurate for making name tags, clocks, miniature furniture and various other design jobs. It is important to mention that its great feedbacks are attracting more customers every day. Let’s read on to find out what it offers.



1. Unique Arm Design for Perfect Cuts
The main property to look for in a scroll saw is its accuracy and sharp cutting tendency. No matter whether you are using it for crafting jigsaw puzzles or designing unique trim pieces, DEWALT DW788 scroll saw’s double parallel-link arm design helps it deliver on both fronts by reducing vibration. The arm pivots from back to front of the saw has been designed to reduce the distance while moving result in smooth and quick finish. The tool comes with unique arm design which helps to keep blade perpendicular to principle object and eventually decrease the chance of over or under cutting.

2. Less Vibrational Property
As human beings, we tend to be irritated by noise and we are well aware that wood cutting can be a time consuming job. Thanks to DEWALT which has taken care of human ears and designed with less vibrational property to give accurate cuts to wood material. The saw stand is very heavy and this makes it able to absorb most of the vibrations generating from the saw.

3. Variable-Speed Control
Its user-friendly configuration definitely makes it superior over other saws. It’s easy to access controls and variable-speed property seeks incredible attention from users. This scroll saw’s electronic variable-speed control will help you making perfect adjustments and 400 – 1,750 SPM speed range. This saw is available with 1.3 Amp motor power needed to bring a variable speed between 3/4 inch and2 inches deep cut.

4. Time Saver – Adjustable Table
You can consider it as a dream tool which supports you and enables you to complete the entire job in lesser time. It is a treasured addition to your toolkit and this is accurately definition of DEWALT DW788. The adjustable fan control is responsible for 280mm (11’’) max pattern to manage an 8’’ spraying distance. This unique feature ensures that the final finish is impeccable.

5. Tool-free Blade with 3 Years Warranty
For added convenience and durability, this tool comes with a variety of specialty materials when you need a faster and sharper cut. The tool-free blade clamps of Dewalt DW788 bless you with convenient control by letting you complete blade changes in no time. The arm is light to lift which makes it an easy deal to make inside cuts and provides upgraded control and flawless results.What else is needed, when you are getting a proof of trust and reliability as 3 years limited period warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee.


It is a tool that has power to give years of great working pleasure and numerous projects done perfectly by you. But nothing comes with all advantages and without flaws.

1. Vibration Issue at Speed #5
Continuous exposure to vibration tends to cause fatigue and annoyance. Some customers complained that if the tool is set at speed#5, it creates unnecessary vibration noise. Although same users claimed that the machine performed well with other speeds.

2. Poor Customer Service Experienced by Some Customer
Apart from its fabulous feedback, some users faced bad customer service by Dewalt. The delay in arranging broken parts of tool somewhere made customer unhappy. Many customers claimed that they had to wait for weeks to get reply from service center which affected their work.

3. Frequent Blades Breaking
According to feedback by customers, some faced problem in its long term use. Actually it comes with two blades only which are not very strong and people had to buy better blades themselves. For beginners it showed fine but for heavy task people are considering more expensive saws.


Though it comes with a fair share of drawbacks, this tool has so many redeeming features that it is everybody’s favorite.

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