Review: Black & Decker WM425 workbench!

If you are looking for a workbench that can make your work easy by providing you a comfortable working experience then your search ends at the Black & Decker WM425. If you were looking for a genuine review of this product then this article is for you. Here you will get to know about the pros and cons of the product and whether the product is ideal for you or not.

Pros of the Black & Decker WM425

Stable: This workbench is really stable and the sturdy framework makes it more durable. The large step platform at the bottom of the workbench offers a greater range to place your legs while working with your hand plane. This feature is significantly important in terms of ergonomics. If one compares this product with other available products in the same category then you will find the former product stands a step ahead of others. Other similar products don’t offer a wider area for positioning your legs which makes you frequently reposition your work for getting the perfect precision.

Use of Premium quality wood: The three wooden panels present in this portable workbench are laminated with the bamboo stalk which makes the table impressively sturdy. The center of the bench is made using the softer portions of the bamboo which manages to save weight. Despite using the softer portions of the bamboo, the bench has the capacity to handle weight up to 550lbs. All the three boards are really stiff so you need not worry about that.

Portable: The best part about this workbench is that it is lightweight and portable. If you wish to work in your backyard or your garden area then you can easily lift the entire workbench and place it anywhere you feel like working.

Easy to assemble: This workbench does not take much of your time for assembling as it already comes pre-assembled to a certain extent. You just need to adjust the work surface and some clamp knobs which is an easy task. You just need to fix 6 bolts and you are done with the assembling part. Nothing can be easier than this.

Cons of the Black & Decker WM425

Incomplete manual: You might face a problem with attaching the rear and middle jaws to the frame as the instruction to this part is not given in the manual.

Finishing: At the time of working on this workbench, you will notice that there rough edges at some places which could have been worked upon properly by the manufacturer. However, the best part is that these rough edges are not present at places where you will be working the most.

Unlike other products, even this workbench has some minor flaws which can be overlooked as they don’t really affect your working condition. The presence of dual-height adjustment legs, heavy-gauge steel frame, portable design, one-handed clamp system, and adjustable jaws make sure that nothing comes in between your work and you have a seamless working experience with this bench. Overall, this is a must-have product for the carpenters or a person who loves to carry out DIY’s then this workbench is just perfect for you. Home mechanics and woodworkers can also consider buying this product. You might also want to consider the Keter.

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