Proxxon 37070 FET mini table saw review


This is an article that seeks to give a review of the Proxxon 37070 FET by giving the advantages and disadvantages of using it where applicable. It also contains a brief summary of its features that are all set to help understand whether or not it is worth getting this machine for use.

About the Proxxon 37070 FET

The Proxxon 37070 FET is a table that was designed and created mostly for model carpenters and architects for fine mechanical and very detailed kinds of jobs and also works as a model builder. It is in other words a table saw. Some of the detailed jobs it does are inclusive of mold construction, framing of pictures, toy manufacture and doll houses and also fitters jobs among others. It works through materials such as plexiglass, wood, non-ferrous metals, reinforced sheets, plastics, etc. This table creates cuts that are perfectly straight whenever they are needed. It is usually used for stable construction because of the die-cast aluminum that is used to make its load bearing parts and also the plane milled table.

Notable features of this Proxxon 37070 FET are;

  • · Vacuum adapter. It ensures the operation is done nice and tidy.
  • · It has a blade whose angle allows for modification from 0-45 degrees for some cuts and this blade can also be either lowered or raised in order to make it suitable for the most effective height of materials of different types.
  • · The table is extendable with an auxiliary stop also integrated to it.This is to allow bigger materials to be cut with utmost precision.
  • · It also has a carbide, tipped saw blade made of tungsten that comes with the saw.
  • · It has an adaptable meter that will go into the milled part of the table top to enhance its precision in working.
  • · In order for it to produce components of the same angles and lengths, it has a meter gauge that comes with an adjustable limit and a stop rail.The stop rail is of aluminum.
  • · It has a setting screw that allows for fine adjustment of the longitudinal stop.
  • · It has a scale which will usually come in handy when one is adjusting the longitudinal stop to place.


  • · It allows for corrections of even the tiniest degree for example less than 0.004” through adjustments that can be made using its adjusting screw.
  • · The Proxxon 37070 FET has an adjustable height .Through the tilting saw blade, one is able to cut miters, this through its use alongside the angle stop.
  • · It has low noise drive because it involves use of powerful motor, use of a ball bearing and also incorporates a saw blade shaft that is belt driven.
  • · It is powerful table saw generally.
  • · The Proxxon 37070 FET is of high quality and has a push stick that is very convenient.
  • · It also has a good miter gauge.


  • · The Proxxon 37070 FET can expose one to chemicals e.g. lead that could subsequently bring cancers.
  • · Over exposure to it could also cause harm to the reproductive system leading to birth defects.


The benefits of this The Proxxon 37070 FET definitely outweigh the cons of it. Therefore this table saw is highly recommended especially if you are an architect or if you happen to be a model carpenter. It has been developed for the skillful craftsman to make work easier and more precise because of just how exacting it is in critical adjustments, exacting in the whole process of cutting. Seeing that it is very powerful it will definitely produce work of high quality .It is also very strong and will definitely last long meaning it is indeed a great investment.

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