Makita 9903 Sander Review

The Makita 9903 is a variable speed belt sander that comes with a powerful 8.8 amp motor. This belt sander is highly appreciated by the users due to some of its unique features. It is the quietest sander available in the market in spite of having a powerful motor. As it comes with the variable speed control, the user can easily match the machine’s speed to the project requirement.

Makita 9903 belt sander is designed to meet small, medium, and large sanding jobs. It is durable and comes with auto-tracking that helps to adjust the belt. You can use it to sand flush in corners or to the wall depending on the requirement. If required, you can also grip the sander from the front to exert more influence.

Makita is powerful and designed for the extended use. It offers more balance than other sanders. It is heavier that makes it a good option to make contact with the project’s surface. With a small tracking, you can easily and more accurately move the belt in your desired directions. The variable speed gives more control to the user. You can use the slower motion for the delicate woodwork and faster speed for the rust, sand, wood, and metal.


Easy to use

It is easy to use. It comes with a large front grip and a long cord. The belt will remain fixed. If required, you can change the direction easily and quickly. You will also have a dust bag with the belt sander.


It works efficiently and comfortably. It demands less effort. It will collect all the dust that will make the entire process convenient and will also keep the environment clean.

Quietest one

Even if it comes with a powerful motor, but it works silently. For this reason, it has received many positive reviews from the users. They find it efficient and quietest one in comparison to others.


It is designed for a durable use. It is heavier and the construction is solid. You can use it for a long time.

Variable speed

It comes with the variable speed that makes it a good option for different types of the woodwork. You can change the speed depending on the demand of your project.

Perfect tracking

The tracking works well. Besides, it is easy to adjust. You can easily change and adjust the belt.


Stops working

Some users are not satisfied with the quality. They find the product stopped working after a few hours.


Some users find it a little expensive. They think that all these features are available at an affordable price in the current market.

Output power

The belt sander lacks the output power. One customer also said that it burnt the wood.

From the reviews, it is clear that 80% users are satisfied with the product. Only a few want improvements in some areas. If you go through the overall benefits, you can simply ignore these minor points.

Final Verdict

The Makita 9903 can be a good option for those looking for an efficient and durable belt sander to meet different needs of woodworks. It has many advanced features that make it easy to use and reliable.

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