Leica Disto D510 Review

Leica DISTO D510 is a laser distance meter that can be used
outdoor for accurate measurement of different objects. This is worlds first
laser meter that can be integrated with apple iPhone and iPad and the
application for this laser meter comes for free. This Leica DISTO D510 is one
of the easy and effortless outdoor distance meter and can be used easily by
someone who is trying to get a measurement of different objects. This laser
meter comes with

This can be an efficient measurement meter for outdoor jobs.
Since it is dust and water resistant and it has a strong protection that
protects this device from extreme outdoor conditions. It has an amazing
measurement option that makes the measurement of any object possible even if
they dont have reflective target point and this is not possible with other
conventional laser distance meter available in the market.

Leica DISTO D510 – Review

Pros and Cons:

With Bluetooth smart 4.0 the communication between site and
office and vice versa becomes easy and the transfer of data and documents
becomes an easy job. Due to its dust and water resistant features, it is an
outdoor device and can be easily used in sunny weather. This device has
unlimited measuring options with 360Â tilt sensor and this makes possible
to measure angle as well as height.

This device has indirect measurement option making
measurement possible even if reflective target point is not available. It comes with height profile measurement function
which displays distance and height differences to the established reference
point. This feature can be used to check the crossbeams if the cross beams are
straight or not. This feature can be used to measure the level of the existing

The device comes with an amazing application that makes it
easy to draw a sketch and deliver to the office from the sites with Bluetooth

There are things that come with good and some unusable bad
features. Same goes with this device as well. The price of this device might be
expensive for many people. There are many features available in this device
that may not be useful to many people and this will not appeal many buyers.

The screen is relatively slow to update and this becomes
frustrating to some users. The screen is also not large that may not be
matching with the price one has to pay for the device.


This device is a good piece of technological innovation and
is designed to help us. It performs exactly the way it says. The device can be
called extremely useful one when it comes to measurement done outdoor and in
extreme conditions. With its laser technology, the most difficult reading can
be done and easily sketched as well with the apps that are free. The benefit of
Bluetooth is visible when users can transfer data without wires from the site
to the office. This device has made communication easy and reliable. The
sketching that can be done with the app is a great assistance to the one who
are in the field trying to get some accurate measurements. Quality comes with
some price and this is exactly what you can say about this device. It might be
slightly expensive but there are features which other conventional laser meters
do not have and this is an advantage.

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