Keter folding worktable: The best portable workbench?

The Keter Folding Compact workbench can let customers work on a wide variety of projects on it. It is actually a small but well-supported workbench that can be folded if you are not using it. It can hold up to 1000 pounds on it while its surface is 33.46” times 21.65”.

I will review the pros and cons of this workbench in this article, and tell you why I highly recommend this workbench to you.




This workbench has couple of advantages. First of all, this workbench will never rust due to the special materials used. Also, the workbench is resistant to dents. All these mean that the workbench will be a very durable one, and therefore customers do not need to spend too much to maintaining the workbench.

Customers are generally happy with the workbench. They are specifically delighted about the simple set up procedure of the workbench. You just need to set the collapsed table, nested its legs gown on the floor, and then hold two releases on the table and lift the top. It is also a safe way to set up the table.

This also means that the workbench is very portable. This is important to customers who do not need the workplace at only one place, but more than one. Maybe those whose who work from places to places. Its small size also means that it is easy to store. This means a lot to customers since this can help safe spaces and make their workplace clean and tidy.

Another pro of it is that since it is made totally out of plastic, customer originally are skeptical about its durability, but they then found out that the workbench is made in a way that seems very durable. The bench can hold up to 1000 pounds, and can hold onto wood and lumber very securely.


The other side of the coin is also needed to be considered. Some customers complained that the workbench is broken after several times of use. For example, one said that one of the legs snapped off after he had used it for only three times. Some other customers find that the product delivered to them has missing parts. As a result, this hugely disappoints the customers since their expectations are not being met.

Another customer reflected that the legs are uneven, meaning that the table will shake when working on it. She solved it by placing a piece of cardboard under one leg to balance, but complained that she needed to do it every times she uses it. This creates a large deal of trouble to her and she is also not happy about it.


I will still recommend this product to all of you. I will argue that the the cons are only incidents of a very small possibility. Of course further improving would always be a nice thing, but totally neglecting the solid advantages and features of the workbench just because of several cases of trouble is not a wise decision to make. Clearly, this workbench is durable and easy to use. Therefore, I will recommend those who need a workbench to purchase this product.

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