Dewalt DW745 portable table saw review

If you are in need of a table saw, then Dewalt DW745 should defiantly be on your choice list. Being a reputable brand, Dewalt is offering its prospective buyers a powerful and portable table saw for professional on-site job.

Key feature of Dewalt DW745

  • Telescoping fence
  • Has a storage unit for its accessories
  • 120-volt operation
  • Has a leveling feed which help ease adjustments when working on different surfaces
  • Metallic base
  • Integrated dust pan
  • Its table coating offers non friction
  • Its fence rail is of pinion and rack type

Who is this table saw meant for?

Dewalt DW745 has a professional touch that cuts across from a contractor to a home based woodwork hobbyist. Being that this saw is portable with almost all-in-one basic features, it is suitable for

Cabinet makers
General carpenters
Flooring professionals

Its blade protector is of high quality
High quality overall construction
An adjustable smooth rip fence with a locking mechanism
Has a dust collector attached to a standard hose which is efficient


Has an miter gauge of low quality hence unsuitable for precision
Doesn’t support a dado blade
Has a short rip capacity
Its push stick is of a low quality to a professional

Comparison with other table saw

Dewalt DW745 comes at a competitive price as compared to other table saw in the market. Considering the price, this becomes a great choice for professional carpenters and woodwork hobbyist. Other features making the table saw stand out in the market include

Easy to setup
Easy to use
Has a smooth finish
Its portable

Overall performance
The overall performance for this table saw is extraordinary. Its blade rips through solid wood with ease which a good indicator that it could do the same for plywood, manufactured wood and composite.

The blades, which are easy to adjust, have a great degree of accuracy which is a great plus.
Dust collection performance

The dust buildup is minimal within the saw due to its effective design.

The Rip fence quality
Its rip fence is of rack and pinion setup which similar to those in the Dewalt DW745 price range. What stands out in in the this particular rip fence is that it outperforms some of table saw which are much more expensive It also has a gearing mechanism for the rail’s extension which enables an accurate and smooth movement.

Cutting capacity
The Dewalt DW745 has a very impressive cutting capacity of 3-1/8” for a bevel at 0 and 2-1/4” for a 45. The cutting capacity can be modified to the user’s preference but would course inaccurate measure.

Safety feature and maintenance
This table saw has an outstanding blade guards as compared to its competitors. To begin with, it’s made of a transparent plastic which doesn’t block visibility. It also equipped with an anti-kickback mechanism which prevents cuts when the blade stall’s. Finally, it has also included a push stick which is a standard industrial safety measure feature.

One of the notable features on the Dewalt DW745 is the ease of maintenance.
Dust built-up over time in the table saw can be removed by an air compressor. The surface should also be cleaned by cloth which is lint free with a mild detergent.

With the Dewalt brand having an outstanding reputation in the market, I would highly recommend it. First, it has a great solid performance at a relatively competitive price. It also has distinguished safety measure which will reduce the occurrence of injuries when working with it.
For anyone planning to but a portable table saw for a professional use or for a hobby with a reliable performance, then the Dewalt DW745 is a must have

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