Bosch DLR130K laser distance measure review

In order to replace the traditional tape measure, laser rangefinders or laser tape measures have been created .The most common kind of laser rangefinders operate by using a principle called “time of flight” An example of such a laser rangefinder is the Bosch DLR130K .Before one chooses any kind of laser tape measure they should consider a number of factors.

Factors include

  • · The accuracy
  • · The measure’s display
  • · The memory
  • · The life of the battery
  • · The various functions for which you would like to use the measure.
  • · The measuring range
  • · The measuring units of the measure. Even though most of them have the most common units, it is better to check whether the ones you prefer are available in order to avoid confusion.

This review is set on showing certain facts about the Bosch DLR130K including its pros and cons.

About The Bosch DLR130K

The Bosch DLR130K is a small, portable laser measure. It occupies very little bag space .It is a digital machine for measuring distance that is very light as it is compact. With just a push of a button, it can handle any kind of measuring task. It is perhaps the smallest rangefinder you can possibly get.

It uses four different modes of measurement namely

  • · Continuous length mode for you to measure many different distances and automatically adds them together.
  • · Length mode to measure distance from a single given place to another.
  • · Area mode. Area is the measure of the total surface area between the length and the width.
  • · Volume mode. Volume is simply the measure of the length multiplied by the width and the height.

The Bosch DLR130K uses a precision laser measuring kind of technology in order to give you the measurements faster and easier.

It actually does both the pointing and the measuring.

The measuring is done in the following units;

  • · Inches
  • · Decimal ft.
  • · Ft. and inches
  • · Metric capable

Some of the pros of using the Bosch DLR130K

  • · It offers four different modes of measurement that provide for versatility.
  • · Other than the different modes, it also has different measurement systems that ensure you use the best unit for the kind of measuring you are doing making it easy to apply its use even at home.
  • · It makes sure the whole process of measuring is fast and accurate.
  • · It has an ergonomic soft grip to ensure the grip is sure and also comfortable so that use of the product is easier. One can easily hold it and not worry about dropping it without their knowledge.
  • · It is very easy to carry around because of the small size.
  • · It allows one to take the measurements alone unlike the traditional tape measures that needed two people for the process of measuring.

Some of the cons include:

  • · In as much as it is great for use in measurement, the precision is not as exact as one would really require. Meaning, it is only accurate to an extent.
  • · It lacks a backlight and is therefore very difficult to use this machine in dark places or even at night .Remember a backlit display allows you to see both in bright glare and also low light.


This being a laser measure means it would be very helpful to both a professional and a person who is an amateur at measuring. It is great for people working in construction, interior design, for masons and carpenters, electricians and generally people who work in such remodeling or construction projects. It can also be useful for people who work in real estate because it can quickly get dimensions of any property.

The best part about this machine is that it can do both measuring and calculations thereafter regardless of how complex they are .Therefore it is safe to conclude that its pros outweigh its cons.It are therefore highly recommended.

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