Why Powertools?

A power tool is a type of tool that is activated by an external or additional power source and generally uses an electric motor. Power tools can be used for different types of work in manufacturing, construction, gardening, and in the home.

Household tasks that may use power tools include cleaning and cooking. They can also be used around the house for drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing, shaping, heating among other things.

They are available indifferent sizes, shapes and prices and are relatively easy to use ifinstructions are followed. However, when used inappropriately they can causeinjuries and pose hazards when mishandled. You should ensure that the powertool is only used for the specific purpose it was meant for. Never let someone who does not know how toproperly operate the tool use it and grip the power tool by the handle.

Portable power tools are handheld and offer more mobility while using them. Stationary power tools on the other hand have an advantage over their stationary counterparts in accuracyand speed. Below are some commonly used power tools and workshop essentials.

Table Saw

A table saw also called a saw bench is a power tool
used in woodwork. The circular blade sticks out of the surface on which it is
mounted. Changing the extent to which the blade protrudes allows you to choosehow deep a cut is made on the wood. Changing the blade angle controls the angle of the cut. Types of table saws include the hybrid, cabinet, contractor or bench top table saw. If you do not have a table saw you can use a band saw for the same purpose. Although it produces a lower cut quality than
the table saw.

Belt Sander

The belt sander can be used on wood and other materials
to shape and finish them. A ring of sandpaper is mounted on a pair of drums that are turned by an electric motor. A portable belt sander can be moved over the material being sanded while a stationary belt sander requires the material to be moved to the belt. One disadvantage of belt sanders is that they are quite aggressive on the material. They are best used to swiftly remove material or for the initial stages of sanding. They can also be used to remove wood or paint finishes.


This is a strong well built table for manual work. Most work benches have flat surfaces but they can also have complex designs. They also
vary in size with small work benches being preferred by jewelers. Staircase
makers prefer larger ones due to the size of the material.

Most are rectangular and their designs vary with the type of work they are used for. However, some characteristics are shared such as provisions to mount store and access tools. They also have an adequate working height for both standing and seating and a provision for fixing the material to the workbench to allow access with both hands.

Miter saw

A miter saw or drop saw is used at a selected angle for fast, precise crosscut onthe work piece. They are small in size and portable and common blades vary in size from 8-12 inches. It makes cuts in short motions by pulling the saw blade downward onto the material. A fence is used for an exact cutting angle. The miter index is a distinctive feature of

the saw which allows for a change on the blade angle relative to the fence.

Laser Level

This tool uses a laser beam which can be attached to a tripod. It is
leveled as per the device accuracy and projects a set green or red beam along
the vertical or horizontal axis. There are two types of laser levels; the
rotary laser level and the tower mounted laser level. One advantage of using
laser levels is that they leave your hands free to do other things.


Different types of power tools can be used by the
typical homeowner to do simple tasks and maintenance around the house. A homeowner should consider the tasks they want to accomplish with the specific power tool before they purchase one. Tools for the home do not need to be large and heavy duty as these can greatly increase the power bill and prove to be cumbersome to use. They should be easy to use and one can choose to have power tools that use batteries or corded models that can be plugged into a power source.


PS: Biodiversity and conversation of nature is super important to me! Make sure to never use power tools in a destructive way. Save energy and make sure that you recycle as much as possible. We only have one earth and should make sujre not to destroy the natural habitat of so many species in the rainforest and elsewhere!